ePortfolios and Open badges as the competence of EMVITET teachers

    In the end of the project, it is time to summarize how participating EMVITET teachers have used ePortfolios and asked the recognition of their competences via open badge applications. During the project EMVITET teachers made ePortfolios in order to develop and collect their teacher competences. Personal ePortfolios were created in the Mahara platform. They were given a template to use in their ePortfolio activities during the whole project. Mainly all of the participants used Mahara, however, a few used some other tools such as Google Sites or Google presentation. This was totally accepted since the ePortfolio process followed the concept of the Personal Learning Environment that supports participants to choose the environment that they prefer. For teacher it is easy to follow any environment when they have a link to ePortfolios saved in their own files. Open badges are used for assessing competences that are demonstrated, e.g., in ePortfolios. In total nine different badges were created that are based on the three project phases (establish, pilot, ingrain) and all in three themes (pedagogy, technology, learning ecosystem). The assessors of the open badge application were the European experts that participated in the project. The main finding was that EMVITET teachers demonstrated their competences well in their ePortfolios.

    In total 39 teachers applied one or more open badges and in total 261 open badges were applied. When a person achieved nine badges, they received so called meta badge that is a recognition of the competence of the Education 4.0 teacher. 23 EMVITET teachers achieved the meta badge. In the following table there are the names of nine open badges and the amount of issued badges.


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