E-learning deployment at Lac Hong University

    The current education context in Vietnam urges the deployment of online lectures delivered through a digital learning platform; thus, modern instructors are required to have good skills in creating attractive online materials. E-learning has proved its effectiveness in promoting borderless learning environment and it now plays extremely critical role for most of educational institutions in Vietnam to deal with the temporary prolonged school break due to COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, right after the national Lunar New Year holidays, Lac Hong University has put more efforts in deploying e-learning schoolwide.

    A workshop on creating e-learning materials

    Specifically, under the directions and guidance from Permanent Vice Rector Dr. Lam Thanh Hien, Center of Information & Resources and Media Division, several training workshops and seminars on using learning management system (LMS), digital tools and other digital technologies to create e-learning materials. Lecturers learn how to design their online lessons, how to assess students’ performance with the LMS, what skills and techniques should be used in the new teaching and learning environment. These activities provide the pathway for a schoolwide deployment of e-learning system to all current training programs.

    Using digital tools to create e-learning materials
    Recording lectures for e-learning system at LHU Studio

    Lac Hong University
    Ngày 21/02/2020 - 13:00:49

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