HueIC workshop on Soft Skills: New Skills in Education 4.0

    On May 23, 2020, HueIC organized a workshop on soft skills - New skills in Education 4.0 for their faculties. It is facilitated by HueIC lecturers who participated in the 3-week study visit at HAMK (Finland) in last September-October supported by EMVITET project. With the new knowledge learnt from the study visit, the lecturers shared with their colleagues about new skills for students such as Adaptive skills, Self-study skills, Networking skills, Time management skills and digital skills. In the workshop, the participants and facilitators discussed how to effectively equip these skills for students as well as how to instruct them directly. This activity is also consistent with current implementation of Education 4.0 at HueIC.


    Ngày 03/06/2020 - 09:03:29

    HueIC, Education 4.0, EMVITET

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