1st publication: Rethinking learning towards Education 4.0

     Rapid changes and disruption in the world of work invite all of us to rethink learning and education. Industrial Revolution 4.0 or Industry 4.0 known as digital age with big data, artificial intelligence and internet of things has great impacts on many sectors and leads to new terms such as Education 4.0 (e.g. Iyer, 2018; Saxena & Bhat, 2017; Schwab, 2016).

    Education 4.0 shifts mindsets and approaches in learning and teaching. Digitalisation enables learning to occur anywhere which makes learners key actors of their own learning. Teachers change their role to facilitators of learning. Instead of focusing so much on degrees, learning concentrates on relevant competences. Education 4.0 refers also to ecosystems of educational institutions and the world of work, which produce innovations and evolve in the change. It means that in education we do not just adapt to changes, but we actively build our own meaningful future. In Education 4.0, the traditional ways of implementing education are not enough, but we need to rethink learning and education to match the needs of the changing world. The challenge is global, but in rapidly developing countries, such as in Vietnam, it might be even stronger. In this article, we want to discuss our first perceptions of developing Education 4.0. in Asian-European collaboration.

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    Kunnari et al. (2019), HAMK Unlimited
    Ngày 08/09/2020 - 08:16:43

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