DN-UTE promotes to implement online teaching during the Covid-19 epidemic

    With the situation of Covid-19 epidemic spreading globally and in Vietnam, Universities have to keep students absent from school for many weeks continuously to combat the epidemic. In order to create conditions for students to promptly acquire knowledge and to access online learning method, Under the direction of the Board of Rectors of the University of Technology and Education (DN-UTE), on March 12th, the technical team had a meeting to deploy for the upgrading of UTE-LMS system in combination with some digital real-time tools for online teaching implementation.

    The online teaching deployment team meeting by using Zoom tool
    ew DN-UTE-LMS platform build on Moodle 3.8 running on Cloud server

    From deploying the application of Information Technology and instructions of the Team, all faculties of DN-UTE have deployed many online classes with 34 lectures, 880 students and 80 courses opening for online teaching for this week. Especially, the Department of Information Technology has had 100% of lecturers to teach online. The lecturers have applied a variety of teaching methods in online lectures. With the knowledge learned from the EMVITET project in Finland, during his online lectures, PhD. Hoang Thi My Le has combined the Zoom application and the Kahoot application for checking previous reading, understanding lessons in class and testing student’s knowledge. This is also one of the student-centered teaching method in Education 4.0.

    Some online classes running on online tools

    The UD-UTE lectures have also created Zalo/Facebook Groups to share experiences, difficulties and rise questions in order to teach online better. Most of classes have attracted a great attention of students to participate in the study. It can be expected that next week the number of online classes will continue to be opened to 205 with nearly 67 lectures for about 1800 students to join for online learning.

              During the Covid-19 epidemic, UD-UTE deployed many forms of teaching and learning adapted to the global epidemic prevention situation. The transmission and acquisition of knowledge via the Internet is an approach for lectures and students to work together at home and that is a way to participate in anti-epidemic with the whole country.

    Ngày 31/03/2020 - 07:27:13

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