Education solutions at HCMUTE during the outbreak of COVID-19

    Lecturers of University of Technology and Education HCMC still assure students’ learning schedule through online courses during the outbreak of COVID-19. All of lecturers who teach theoretical subjects are required to teach their students online during the break. Although the lecturers are always busy with their learning and teaching designs for the online courses, these also make them feel convenient, quick, safe and self-confident to keep up with Education 4.0. They can now use some digital tools such as Screencast, Camstudio Portable, Camtasia, etc. to make their video lessons. For instant, the subject named “workplace skills” is provided to students through our LMS (Learning Management System) platform. Besides the provided lectures and assignments, the system allows us to check students' attendance and hold online meetings via some digital tools such as Skype and Zoom to interact to students.

    Using digital tools to prepare online materials
    Using digital tools to prepare online materials!
    Online lessons provided on HCMUTE Learning Management System
    Monitoring students' participation via LMS

    Despite the advantages the system provided, there are some issues to be dealt with; for example, while some students are active with online courses, some are quite passive and lazy in submitting their assignments and connecting with their lecturers. The lack of self-awareness or low Wi-Fi transmission or unattractive lectures, etc. are also the key causes to make students inactive. So, lecturers should have weekly meetings to share about technical and pedagogy parts in order to improve learning effectiveness. It is vital for us to realize that pedagogy part always plays a crucial role to help students to be more active.

    Ms. Do Thi My Trang, HCMUTE Team
    Ngày 21/02/2020 - 11:05:28


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