Special issue “Education 4.0”

    Journal of Technical Education Science recently published its 62nd volume with the theme “Education 4.0” in February 2021. This volume includes eleven selected articles concentrating on challenges of online education for both lectures and students in Education 4.0, such as how to organize online learning environment; how to engage students in online learning; how to access online; the way to establish education ecosystem. The articles present recommended solutions as well as great experience which has been shared and supported by core members and experts of the EMVITET project from both Europe and ASEAN.

    This publication is one of the most remarkable activities of the EMVITET project which is funded by Erasmus+ for the period 2019–2022. It is a vivid evidence for efforts of all EMVIET members to develop and disseminate the effective methods and solutions to lecturers in Vietnam and in the world. Full version of the selected articles can be accessed at this GDrive link!

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