Virtual Study Visit 2022

Day 2- Part 1: Preparation Inspiring practices for Blended course design

Today you will watch some inspiring videos about using technology in your course that support you to further develop your blended design:

1. Watch this Video Scaffold Learning with an online platform (22 min)
Luc Geurts,  associate professor Faculty of Engineering Technology and head of education of the OC Innovative Health Technology - Groep T - Faculty of Engineering Technology 

2. Prepare your questions for the Q&A with Luc Geurts (10 min)

Watch this Video Virtual reality and 3D in education (40 min)
Sven Graindor, XR developer at the Biomedical Technology Lab of KU Leuven. 

At the end of the video you can find reflection questions.

3. Prepare your ideas and thoughts about the questions for the Q&A of Sven Graindor (10 min)

Read this presentation and watch this demo-video about creating a ‘Serious game for surveying’ (15 min)
Maarten Bassier, dr. ing. Geomatics research group, Faculty of Engineering Technology.
You can also play the game online.

4. Prepare your questions for the Q&A with Maarten Bassier (10 min)


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