Learning ecosystem

Organizational perspectives for ecosystem building

Developing educational organizations into learning ecosystems requires an open mindset, creativity and innovation. It requires new ways of thinking from all the stakeholders, from students, from teachers, from managers and also from work life partners.

Teachers’ new competences are crucial in creating and sustaining industry-education collaboration, but at the organizational level it is good to ensure that organizational aspects do not diminish or even hinder the collaboration. The following challenges, identified in EMVITET project, are good to keep in mind.

However, in building the new collaborative future, we can turn the challenges into questions. Here are some important questions to reflect when supporting organizational learning:

* Are our organizational structures, our policy and strategy supporting industry/business collaboration effectively? How can we improve them?

* How is our curriculum creating spaces for industry/business collaboration?

* What can we do to change the fixed mindset of students, teachers and managers?

* How can we inspire work-life partners to change their mindsets?

* How can we learn to listen to other stakeholders more carefully and create true dialogue?

* How can we create inspiring future visions together and discover new opportunities to benefit from new connections?

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