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Guiding students to studying effectively online

EMVITET project tends to offer teachers practical tools for guiding students to effectively study online. The following blogs offer tips that can be shared with students for supporting them building a good learning habit and strategies for success learning online.

Getting started with online learning

Advice to be shared with students who are studying online. Read the blog

Tips for being a successful student- Online and in the classroom

This first blog focuses on some of the first steps students can take to get started with studying online

1. Keep in touch

2. Create a dedicated study space

3. Be proactive

4. Make a study schedule

5. Reward yourself

6. Consciously review own study approach regularly and consider ways in which the approach could be improved

7. Taking initiative to reach out to classmates in an online format may be one of the most important strategies for successfully building an online learning community. 

In this with aforementioned suggestions, the following one sheet info can also be useful

1. Some tips for studying at home:

2. Online learning tips:

3. A planner for daily tasks:

4. A simple, weekly planner

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